A Mentor: Your Shortcut To Success

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Learning anything new can often be a challenge. So, to aid our learning we often go on courses, read up on the Internet and just battle through to work things out. However, an often neglected method and more effective method of learning is to get a mentor.


The benefits of having a mentor are clear. You’ll get proven information, tailored to suit you. A mentor can also help you avoid common pitfalls and essentially put you on the fast track to success.




I hear you ask….


Why would someone spend their valuable time and expertise helping a stranger like me?


A number of reasons:


  • Financial gain
  • To build relationships
  • To refine their own skill set
  • Personal satisfaction
  • To improve their image in the community / society


Each of these reasons is extremely powerful and can indeed motivate someone to dedicate significant amounts of time helping another.


Where can I find a mentor suited to me?


Thanks to the Internet, mentoring is only becoming more popular. For example, Google Helpouts lets you get personalized advice from experts in various fields.¬† Clarity mentors offer business advice to entrepreneurs. And I’m the co-founder of WiseRound, which specializes in banking & finance career mentoring.


Even if these sites don’t fulfill your needs, searching Google for a mentor in your field will often provide options. Failing that, reach out to people you know and others you don’t (think LinkedIn, acquaintances). To start with, ask if you can pick their brain for 30 minutes to an hour – providing clear guidance on what you’d like to cover.



Reach out to mentors



Make it as convenient for them as possible (an hour drive to a coffee shop often isn’t) and if appropriate, offer an incentive. Something other than money works well – for example, you could say:


…and after we speak, if it’s okay with you I’d like to share some of the key points you raise on my blog. I’d also love to mention your achievements / your new product / your service.


When my Internet marketing and online business journey began, for at least a year I did nothing but fail. Amateur mistakes that could have been avoided. Those mistakes got me to a position where I think I’m fairly success (albeit a long way off where I want to be), but I do wonder where I could be now if those early, energized years were spent doing nothing but progress under the watchful eye of a mentor.


watchful eye of a mentor


Unlike my early years, I no longer work in isolation learning from just my own mistakes. Now I’m a member of private forums full of people a lot smarter than me. I attend networking events and reach out to people that might easily be able to provide solutions to my own challenges. And I’m not afraid to pay for it.


I also respond to every mentoring request I get, offering advice where possible. In particular, I have mentored one individual for the last year and from the start of his online business journey. It really is incredibly rewarding to see his early success.


Hopefully you see the powerful benefits of finding a mentor. I assure you that under the right guidance, you’ll progress exponentially versus¬†ploughing through on your own.


Want more mentoring tips – visit the WiseRound blog. Have your own thoughts or questions on mentoring? Leave them in the comments…

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