Hi, welcome.   The chances are that you’ve reached this blog because you’re either:


1. A friend that I’ve been nagging to start some sort of business. If so, stop reading. Get straight into my posts which hopefully help you get to work and realize more of your potential.


2. A potential friend that has found me through one of my websites, by referral or search. If that’s you, read on to learn more about me.


There’s no third person jibber jabber here – just a quick list of some of my achievements to build credibility so you know my aim isn’t to flog you grow taller pills after a few posts. Here goes:


    • By 23 I had gained a 1st class honors degree and Masters in Investment Management from a leading UK university. I then landed a top job at a great asset manager.


    • Realizing the corporate world wasn’t for me, I immersed myself in the world of online business to gain financial freedom. After two years and tons of mistakes, I eventually built a few great websites that generated enough profit so that I could leave my job.


    • Four years later and things couldn’t be better. I have successful websites in a wide variety of niches that generate a healthy income.


    • My websites and projects have been featured in several leading press publications. From Forbes to FOX News, Bloomberg, TimeOut and much more.


The aim of this blog is to share online business ideas and entrepreneurial thoughts. The Internet marketing world is one of the most saturated niches so you won’t find me blogging about ‘how to make money blogging’. If things ever get that bad, please kill me.   Enough about me. Check out my posts or say hello. hello.