How to Find Inspiration For Your Online Business Idea

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How to Find Inspiration For Your Online Business Idea

I speak to a lot of people that want to start an online business but they don’t know what in. So if you have this problem, rest assured that you’re not alone and there is still hope that you can build a business that you love.


To start with, you should think about what your passions are and evaluate whether you can create a business around these passions. Doing so will make it much more fun when it comes to running your website. However, saying that, my passions have only fueled a handful of my business – such as AlphaForecast (I was an active trader) and Beautiful Tribute (people needed a completely free memorial website).


Many of my other projects came to life after I saw a gap in the market which then developed a new passion.


Here’s how you can find that much-needed inspiration:


  • Monitor business, consumer and Internet trends. You can do this by subscribing to tech, innovation and business blogs. The growth and buzz behind crowdfunding is one of the reasons why I started GoGetFunding and CauseWish.


  • Wear your ‘business hat’ when consuming media such as TV, movies, apps & games. That will help you see opportunities, gaps in a market or complimentary services that you can provide. For example, when watching Doomsday Preppers on the Discovery Channel I was inspired to create Bunker Network which connects existing bunker owners to prospective occupants so they can share costs, resources and more.


  • Evaluate off-the-shelf website scripts. There are loads of great companies that sell website scripts that allow you to run a certain type of business. Checking these out might just provide you with the inspiration you need. Furthermore, it’s usually a lot cheaper to buy one of these scripts than it is to build a business from scratch.


  • Analyse your favourite websites and see if you can do something better or different. Some of the best websites out there were bought to life after taking inspiration from others. Pete Cashmore┬ábased much of his hugely successful news website Mashable on the back of TechCrunch.


  • Get bored. Some of my best ideas have come to me when I’m bored. Being bored allows your mind to relax and wander. And if you have the right mindset, it’ll search for new opportunities too. A much better alternative than killing time with Candy Crush.


Do you have any other ideas for finding inspiration? Leave them in the comments section below.



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