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Dec 5, 2013 by

Update 2016: Many have contacted me about hiring developers to modify this theme. My personal developers are now for hire. If you’re interested in working with them, read my post about what makes them the best WordPress developers.



The Hypnotist theme has the following awesome features:



1. Bootstrap 3.0 Code
2. FontAwesome Icons
3. Minimal Design
4. Featured Images
5. Custom Widgets(Recent Posts with Thumbnails)
6. Fully Responsive
7. SEO Optimized
8. Supports Header Image
9. Responsive Nivo Slider
10. Optional Full Width Layout



You can see the live theme demo here: http://wp.sandipsekhon.com



For any questions or support, please post a comment below. Me or my trusty developer will get back to you ASAP.



Hypnotist Theme

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  1. Hello, I like me the theme, but I think should be have minus space between logo and menu, there is a lot blank space

    • Support

      Hi Jose,

      I couldn’t understand your question. Logo and Menu are in separate lines. How could there be any minus sign between them? Could you please be more specific.

  2. First I just wanted to thank you for this theme. I was just wondering if you could answer a question for me. Is there anyway I can take off the featured picture all together? Thanks!

    • Support

      Currently, not a supported feature. But, i will make it possible in a future update.

  3. Kristine Thompson

    I have a Tumblr page now but I am transitioning over to WordPress. I really like the Hypnotist theme but I am having a hard time figuring out how to customize it or even if you can. I would like to change the colors and the design/look of the widgets and menu. Is that possible? A similar website that I’m using as a guideline is http://psimadethis.com/. I really like the look of the top menu and I would like to mirror their widgets by putting borders around mine instead of how it is underlined now. Is this template flexible enough to do these things?

    • Support

      Sorry, Hypnotist comes in a Single Color Scheme only. I will try to add to make more color schemes available, but it would take some time.

  4. Hi, I really like the hypnotist theme. The more I studied other themes, the more i determined it best suits my needs, However, I am having a really hard time with the square that appears to the left. I think I understand what it is for however I cannot figure out how to either make it look like something (image/color) or remove it. Could you please help me with this because it is the last detail to making my blog “live”, and I am aching to do so.
    Thank you for your help

    • Support

      All you need to do is set featured images for those posts. While, you are editing a post or creating a new one, look for the option to set featured image in bottom right area. Just set a featured image, and it will show up in the box area.

  5. Is there an easy way to make comments show up on the main page? I really like to share my main page link because Hypnotist theme has the nice slider images etc.. but my readers have complained about not being able to comment because they have to click the main post for comments to appear. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Hello, how can I remove date and author from my posts?

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