Local Business SEO, Marketing and Growth Tips (New Free Podcast)

Aug 2, 2017 by

Exciting news! We just launched our new podcast! In it, we’ll be discussing all sorts of strategies for small to medium sized local businesses. From ranking on Google to unusual ways to get new customers and more.


Vortex Local Marketing


Now, we know time is precious so our aim with these podcasts is to:


  • Keep them super short and value packed (2 to 3 minutes each)
  • We wont get bogged down with nitty gritty details – but will provide more than enough info for you to run with
  • This won’t be a re-hash of all the usual marketing strategies you’re used to hearing


The podcast is on our local digital marketing siteVortex Local. You can stream it there and also subscribe at any one of the following:









Yep, we like syndicating content we produce everywhere (and so should you!)


So you get a taster, here’s what our first two episodes are about:


The first: “1 Change That Increased Our Lawyer’s Leads by 25% (Improving Trust)” – we share a real life case study on a simple change that led to a massive uplift in conversion rates. Often people go mad trying to get more traffic whereas they should work on converting more of the traffic they already get!


Episode 2 is “Getting Press To Your Small & Boring Local Business”. Think no one would want to write about a plumber? Think again! These solid strategies will get you some press, SEO benefits and more.


So – scroll back up and listen, subscribe to our podcast wherever it suits you best. And if you have ideas for future episodes, let us know!



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