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Nov 7, 2013 by

Update 2016: Many have contacted me about hiring developers to modify this theme. My personal developers are now for hire. If you’re interested in working with them, read my post about what makes them the best WordPress developers.



Simvance Theme is a minimal responsive theme with plenty of premium features including numbered page navigation, responsive slider, customizable header & hooter, custom widgets and more. Simvance also has a powerful admin options panel, which lets you modify your site to a great extent.


Here’s the live theme preview:


Please post any support questions in the comments section below. Me or my trusty developer will get back to you ASAP.




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  1. Good afternoon. I love your theme. I’m wondering if I’m overlooking an option in the setup that would prevent a featured image from appearing on a post page. Is that a setting or would I just need to make a change in the CSS?

    Thank you for the theme and best regards.

    • Sandip

      Hi Kurt, glad you like the theme :)

      We don’t have that feature. But, with the following code in Custom CSS, we can disable the featured image from appearing on post page,

      .featured-image-single {
      display: none;

  2. vamadir

    How to move slider to other page, not post page. I need slider only at Front page, not at post page.

    • Sandip

      Hi Vamadir, I’m sorry but once the slider is enabled, it is enabled throughout. This will require some custom work and unfortunately I can no longer offer custom solutions for this theme – just bug fixes.

      If you want to get that changed, it should be a really quick and easy change. Lookup some developers on Fiverr or oDesk…

  3. So, the headline font on index.php is not governed by the style.css file? I wanted to make some small changes to conform with another site, and I could change the headline on the page and post templates, but I’m struggling to figure out how to change it on the index page. Is that governed in functions.php? We’re using a Google font called Arvo, but when I try to change it in functions.php (replacing either Bree Serif or Droid Serif, it’s not working. :(

  4. Just now I use Simvance in my photoblog. It’s a nice theme … BUT …. why is some functions blocked?
    For ex the plugin Jetpack? And … the icon on top right for comments doesn’t show new comments and doesn’t turn red?

    I appreciate a positiv answer ;)

    • Sandip

      Hi, glad you like it :) Your site looks great!

      No plugins should be blocked. I installed Jetpack on my test Simvance theme and it works fine. Here’s a screenshot:

      Also, regarding comments are you referring to the admin side? It does indeed notify you of new comments:

      Hope that helps

      • Do you have a code to show – on front page – how many comments the posts have?

      • I just made a screenshots to shoe what I mean with blocked Jetpack – but it is not a big problem.
        It works on my other blog.
        Just wonder why?

        • Sandip

          Hi, thanks for the screenshot – this isn’t a bug.

          Our way of displaying social Links is different – we display in the header. Every theme treats social links differently.

          For the comment icon, in our theme it turns grey instead of red. I felt red on the dark navigation bar would be a little too flash.

          I hope that explains it. And as always, I recommend people go to if they want to hire someone that can make small changes like this.


  5. Neeraj

    Thanks for making this wonderful theme available, I’m trying to use it however, don’t want the images with each post on the Home page. How can I disable these images appearing with each post?

    Thanks much

  6. Michael

    Came across your theme today. It’s very nicely done. Just one suggestion, which would help your users…

    The “” command produces the following break in the post

    Contine reading →

    instead of the properly spelled…

    Continue reading →

    Is this something the user can easily fix? Or will we need to await an update to the theme.

    Thanks again.

    • Sandip

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks very much for pointing that out. I’ve now submitted an update to the theme to correct that typo – that should be live in 48-72 hours. You can download it from the themes page.

      Also, a commonly requested feature was to disable the featured image on the homepage so that functionality has been added in too.

      Would be great if you guys could rate the theme 5* if you’ve found it useful.


      • Hi Sandip, where do I disable the featured image? I can do it in the editor, but just for future reference. Thanks! :)

  7. Never mind, found it! Thanks.

    • Sandip, really sorry about the multiple posts, but I can’t seem to remove the featured image after all – I don’t want it to show on the homepage. It is gone from the post, though. If there’s no way of doing this, could you please tell me how to make an image into a ‘featured image’ and not just a grey box?

      Many thanks, really sorry if this is a super-simple thing that I just can’t see! :)