The Best WordPress Developers: Now for Hire!

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During my 6 years as an Internet entrepreneur, I’ve worked with over 50 different developers. Most were poor, some were great and only a handful were truly exceptional.


I learned the hard way that in order to have an exceptional online business, you need exceptional developers. Anything less is a false economy.





Initially, I would hire under $10 developers on or oDesk (now UpWork) that seemed to be up-and-coming or that just promised they could do it all. I took a gamble in order to save money in the short term. The result: servers crashing in the middle of the night because of un-optimized code. Key features not working and forcing customers to go elsewhere. Time wasted going back and forth, hoping developers would understand what I needed and just do it!


Thankfully, that is now a pretty distant memory.


I believe in my ‘chosen few’ developers so much that I now work with them as their relationship manager. I look for the right clients and present my developers with the most exciting web development opportunities.


These developers previously worked full-time on my online businesses which have now matured and no longer need such intense development. Here are a few examples of what they created for me:


1) – handles over 100k visitors a day

 Online fundraising website



2) – An online memorial site with a multi-site setup. Has attracted charity partner sub-sites across the world


Fundraise in memory


3) – A pioneering online estate agency in the UK


 CastleSmart: Online Estate Agents


In addition to the websites above, my developers have crazy good feedback from hundreds of clients. Just take a look at this snippet from one of my developer’s UpWork profiles:


WordPress Expert


We are moving away from UpWork but of course this feedback can all be independently reviewed. Part of the reason for this feedback is because we don’t just take on a project and rush to complete it. We take serious care of your actual business. We think about things like scalability, user-experience, future-proofing and more.


My team’s key skills include everything WordPress (including WordPress Multisite, HTML5, MySQL admin, PSD conversions and more.


If you want to explore whether my developers have the availability and are right for your job, get in touch.

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