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Nov 20, 2013 by

If you know me or have read the about page, you’ll know that my formal eduction and experience are in the finance and investments field. And although I’m doing something totally different now, I do still enjoy exposure to the financial markets.


As a result, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a business in the field so I present to you


The Inspiration:

I used to trade the markets quite actively and I was always on the lookout for extra tips and ideas. A friend who was also an active trader forwarded me research that he would receive from a leading analyst. These quickly proved profitable and I would look forward to these recommendations every week. However, he would sometimes forget to forward them on and I’d have to bug him.


I searched online and realized that these updates were not publicly available. My frustration only increased and I also realized how many people were missing out on these terrific recommendations. They certainly deserved a bigger audience.


I looked the analyst up on LinkedIn and decided to get in touch, explaining that I thought his recommendations were excellent and that I could see great potential in these being distributed online.


After some back and forth, I met with the company that the analyst worked for so that the partners could get to know me and learn more about my ideas. We agreed on a commission split, how these would be distributed and I got to work!


Takeaway: Think about the products and services that you use and love. Then evaluate if they’re being effectively marketed. If not, think about how YOU could add to the distribution. If you see a gap that you can fill, go ahead and make contact with the company involved. More often than not, they’ll be delighted to hear about how you’ll be able to help them grow.

If there’s nothing you can think of, see if the products and services that you use have an affiliate program. Although I prefer to build a personal relationship with companies and be the sole distributor, affiliate programs can work well too. Just remember to only promote something you really believe in – otherwise you’ll quickly lose your credibility and promoting will feel like a chore.


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