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Update Oct 2016: The attendance tracking app is no longer available. A few reasons for that: it was too costly to update for new versions of iPhone, it started slowing down once over 100 students and by nature – I could only use this on an iOS whereas I decided to switch to Android.


That prompted me to create something even better!


Introducing, the Attendance & Fees tracking Google sheet. Here are the benefits of it:


  • Anyone that needs to track attendance & fees for a class can all collaborate on your Google sheet – they just need the link to the sheet.
  • It works offline as well as online
  • It wont slow down and Google safely store all of the info
  • Can work on any device – PC, Mac, tablet, iOS, Android – anything!


Here’s a quick video that also shows how to use the sheet:



And here are the steps on preparing to use the sheet with a bit more info to ensure you track payments correctly:


1. Download the Google Sheets app if you’re using a phone or tablet. If on desktop you’ll be prompted to login to Google Drive


2. Sign in to the Google Sheet with a Gmail address. The sheet that I share with you will be saved on the Google Drive (free) associated with your Gmail address. Make it available offline too by enabling the option on the sheet. Here’s Google’s quick guide to it if you’re not sure how to enable that.


3. If you want anyone else to collaborate on your fee tracking sheet, click the ‘Share’ button and give them the link that Google generates


4. Add your class and the fee for that class in the ‘Class Type’ tab. That will automatically create a new tab for tracking fees for that class. Go back to ‘Class Type’ and add the fee for that class.


5. When you’re ready to track, go to the class tab and enter the amount paid in the ‘Paid’ column for a student. It will automatically update according to the class fee. If there’s a new student that isn’t in the list, just add them in the same tab.


Note: If you’re offline, the balance will automatically update when you get an Internet connection.


There’s a one-off cost for this sheet of $37. A tiny investment when considering how much you’ll save in lost fees, or the cost of developing this sheet yourself. If you need additional customization to the sheet, we can also handle that and we’ll provide a quote beforehand.


To purchase, please checkout using the button below. I also need your Gmail address so that I can share the sheet with you – this is usually done within 24 hours of payment.


Your Gmail Address:



Original post:

My online projects have so far all been web based. However, I’m all to aware that an increasing number eyeballs are focused on mobile and there’s undoubtedly massive growth in this space.


So, when I needed a better way to track and attendance and cash fees from the martial arts classes that I help run, I knew an app was the way to go.



Introducing: Attendance & Fees!



Attendance & Fees on the App Store


So, who is this iPhone app useful for?


  • Gyms
  • Martial arts classes
  • Educational / study classes
  • Any other type of class where you need to record attendance and fees


Although it may seem pretty basic, it actually took a hell of a lot of development time. Here’s what it can do:


  • Record attendance offline

Some solutions need you to be online in order to save the data.



  • Sync with other devices

This is a really powerful feature. For example, if you have two people running the same class and sometimes one or the other will check people in, you need this. The app automatically syncs the data online (when you have an Internet connection) with our servers. That way, anyone that you’ve shared your login details with can also monitor and track attendance.



  • Add multiple classes with different price options

In addition, we know that some people offer the first class free so if enabled, the app will recognize that too when you’re recording attendance.



  • Review attendance records

See how much you earned on different dates and how much is owed.



  • Free with option to upgrade

The app is free to download. If you like it and would like to add more than 10 students or two classes, we offer a low yearly subscription plan. The time and money you’ll save in lost fees will probably be made up in just a class or two!



Before building this app, I had tried a number of alternatives that I hoped would do the job but none were good enough. These included:



  • Google Sheets iPhone app. The problem here was that it doesn’t support drop-down menus or cell validation. I needed to be able to pick students from a list and when someone paid for a class, I needed to know immediately if they were up-to-date.



iphone apps


If this app solves a problem for you too, great! Or if you have any feedback on it, or would even like it made available on another device, please get in touch.


If you’re thinking of building and marketing an app yourself, remember the best ideas are often ones that solve your own problems!



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  1. Sathiesh

    Hi, Is it possible to make this available in UK app store too? I’m looking for a similar app to use in UK.


    • Sandip

      Hi, we have a new fees tracker out that you can learn about in this updated post

  2. Kathy

    This looks like it is not available in the US store. Is that correct or do I just have a bad link?

    • Sandip

      Hi Kathy, we took the app down but now have a new fees tracker that might work for you. You can learn about it in the post if you’re still after something

  3. Hugh

    Hi. Is this app still available? Thanks.

    • Sandip

      Hi Hugh, sorry for the delay. We took the app down as it wasn’t really scaleable. We have a new tracker out that you can read about in the post

  4. Does this work on android phones and tablets too?

    • Sandip

      Hi Cheryl, we have a new attendance & fees tracker out that works on all devices. Read the updated post with all the details

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