Why NOW is the perfect time to start an online business

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Why NOW is the perfect time to start an online business

I really believe that most people can make a full-time or significant side income online with an Internet business. Not everyone, but most people.


If you meet these criteria, trust me, you can make it:


  • You have an interest in online businesses
  • You can read and write with a good degree of accuracy
  • You’re comfortable browsing the web
  • You’re happy to sit at the computer for a few hours a day (not everyday, but at least few times a week)
  • Important: You have motivation to succeed in life and can use your own initiative


That’s all you need – seriously. No programming knowledge, no real technical knowledge and no industry contacts. I’ll get onto why now is the best time to get started in a minute but before that, just to keep it real, you won’t make it if you’re the following (and not willing to change):


  • You have little passion for anything in life
  • You don’t want to progress
  • You don’t want to work and can’t take setbacks
  • You think people owe you something… “please government, I can’t be bothered to get off my a** and work so just pay me” kinda attitude


If you’re the second set of bullet points – please leave this blog now never to return.




Now that we’re just left with the awesome folk, let me tell you why now is the best time to start an online business:


  • A ton of different businesses can be created with free or low-cost, off-the-shelf website scripts
  • There are millions are talented contractors waiting to be hired on freelancing websites at a great cost
  • There are so many different ways to make money with a website
  • People have never been more comfortable browsing the web and more importantly, buying!
  • You can get started by just putting in a few hours here and there. Less time on Facebook, more time on building your business.
  • There countless business niches that you can get involved in


Have you put those demons to rest that keep giving you excuses for not starting? Stay tuned for my next posts where I’ll throw in some business ideas.

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